Don't Make This Homebuying Mistake

Hire us for a home inspection services today in Compton, CA & surrounding areas

No matter how good a house may look on the outside, there may be issues lurking beneath the surface. Don't let a pretty fa├žade stop you from scheduling a home inspection. Felder Home Inspection can uncover any hidden issue with your prospective home in Compton, CA and the surrounding Los Angeles area.

Our home inspector is skilled at evaluating the major systems and structures of homes. During a 24-point inspection, we'll check the home's foundation, roof, plumbing and electrical system. You'll get a comprehensive inspection report that you can use to negotiate with the seller. Call us now at 310-900-9735 to learn more about our home inspection services.

pest control services in Compton, CA

Need pest control services for your home in Compton, CA & surrounding areas?

Felder Home Inspection can do more than just home inspections. We also offer pest control services for homeowners in the Compton, California and Los Angeles area. You can trust us to identify the type of pest in your home accurately and suggest the best treatment. We work with a trusted pest control company that will perform the treatments. If you're dealing with a rodent issue, we'll:

  • Trap and kill the rodents infesting your home
  • Close up any holes around your property
  • Replace any damaged insulation

You don't have to live with pests. Get in touch with us now to discuss our rodent proofing and pest control services.

A pest-free home starts with your insulation

A smart way to prevent pest infestations is to replace your current insulation with thermal acoustic pest control, or TAP, insulation. This type of insulation is treated with a powerful pesticide. Contact us right away to install TAP insulation in your Compton, CA and surrounding LA home.