When Pests Ruin Your Insulation

Turn to us for an attic insulation replacement

You've cleaned up rat droppings in your cabinets and thrown away food packages the rats have chewed through. But have you checked your insulation? Rodents often use insulation to make nests and leave urine and droppings behind. If you've discovered damaged, soiled insulation at your home, get in touch with Felder Home Inspection. We offer attic insulation replacement in Compton, CA and the surrounding Los Angeles area.

We'll start by removing rat droppings and urine in your attic and walls. If your attic insulation has been damaged, we'll replace it with top-notch materials. Reach out to us now to talk to an expert about replacing your attic insulation.

Why install TAP insulation?

Why install TAP insulation?

Thermal acoustic pest control, or TAP, insulation offers protection against common household pests. We can install this type of insulation in the attic and walls of your Compton, California home. TAP insulation is a smart option for your home because:

  • It's environmentally friendly
  • It can reduce your energy bills
  • It's fire-resistant
  • It reduces noise
  • It provides effective pest control

Don't wait until after a pest infestation to install TAP insulation. Get in touch with us to start taking advantage of the benefits TAP insulation offers ASAP.