Look Beyond the Surface of Your Future Home

Our home inspector can give you peace of mind

When you're evaluating homes for your family, you're thinking about the size of the kitchen, the number of bedrooms and the overall layout of the home. You may not be thinking about how many years the roof has left, whether the electrical system is updated or the efficiency of the plumbing. That's where Felder Home Inspection comes in.

Felder Home Inspection is a top choice for home inspection services in Compton, CA and the surrounding LA area. Our home inspector will put your prospective home through a 24-point checklist to leave no stone unturned. You'll end up with a detailed report that will reveal the true condition of your future home. Call 310-900-9735 now to schedule an appointment with an experienced home inspector.

3 uses of a home inspection

3 uses of a home inspection

With all of the benefits that a home inspection has to offer, you can't afford to skip it. Use the home inspection for:

  1. Your peace of mind-you'll know for sure that your future home is in great condition
  2. Negotiations-you can ask the sellers to make repairs before you close
  3. Planning purposes-you'll have an idea of the home's future maintenance and upkeep

Our home inspection services in Compton, California include checking the home's foundation, plumbing and electrical system. Contact us today to learn more about the house you're thinking about making your home.