Are Rodents Keeping You Up at Night?

We offer rodent proofing and removal services in Compton, CA and surrounding LA area

Do you hear scratching and scurrying noises in your home at night? You may have a rodent infestation. Don't rely on store-bought rodent remedies to solve your problem. Instead, call in the experts at Felder Home Inspection for rodent removal services located in Compton, CA and serving the surrounding LA area.

We use effective traps to get rid of the rats and mice in your home. Our job isn't done once all of the rodents are gone. Expect us to clean up any droppings and urine. We'll also replace any damaged insulation. Contact us right away for the superior rodent removal services you've been looking for in Compton, California.

Prevent future rodent infestations

Prevent future rodent infestations

When it comes to rodent control, prevention is key. That's why Felder Home Inspection offers rodent proofing services in the Compton, CA area. We'll block off any holes that rodents can use to enter your home. Here are some other ways you can shield your home from pesky rodents:

  • Get rid of materials rodents could use as nests, including leaf piles and deep mulch
  • Keep the garbage in your kitchen in a container with a tight-fitting lid
  • If you feed outdoor birds, switch to huskless items that will leave less behind for rodents

For more tips on rodent proofing your home, call us at 310-900-9735.